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Triumph at the Second FRC District 2024 Competition

On March 16 & 17, my robotics Team, Miss Daisy, took home a big win at our second district competition of the 2024 season at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.

This was our second and final district competition. At Week 3 competition, some teams, like ourselves, had already competed once and had the chance to iterate while it was a first showing for others. Going into the competition, my team was very excited. As a team, we had won this event in the previous two years. With a great performance at Hatboro-Horsham, we were confident we would have another strong showing.


Going into the Qualification round, we came out swinging, going undefeated until our ninth match on the second day. For the majority of the qualification round, we managed to hold on to the first seed. However, an upset loss in match 51 and a difference of a single co-op point meant we found ourselves in the second seed.


Nonetheless, the end of alliance selection found our team on an alliance with 2539, the Krypton Cougars, and 5407, Wolfpack Robotics. With our alliance, we dominated. Winning every single playoff match we played, we soundly claimed our third consecutive blue banner at SCH.


Despite some minor issues with our intake and a rather extended field fault, we persevered: ultimately winning both the event and the Excellence in Engineering Award. We have received this engineering award for the third year in a row, which celebrates the team that demonstrates a professional approach to the design process. Now we are qualified to compete at the District Championship! 

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