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3D Printing for a Kondo Life

In this past school year, I have noticed that my desk regularly becomes a mess as the materials I need for schoolwork pile up on my desk. As more and more writing utensils, books, and loose papers built up on my desk, I got the idea to create an organizer where I could keep all my pencils, pens, and other assorted gadgets in a neat, modular system.

This is the start of this system. My idea was to create various storage blocks that can lock into each other that I can then clamp to my table to prevent them from shifting. By making this system modular, I can always be able to expand this or remove parts I have decided I don’t want to use instead of having to reprint the entire system. It also means that if I decide to take this with me somewhere, it will be a lot easier to transport.

In addition, I plan to post this on Thingiverse, so other people can use this system as well. These will be the first files I upload to Thingiverse, and I am very excited to share my creation. By being adaptable to the user’s needs, this design will be a much more appealing download than an ultra specific block of hole sizes customized to me. You can find the link to my Thingiverse post, Modular Desk Caddy, here.

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