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Map of the World

For a school project, I wanted to visually show how the world would be affected by terminator seeds by mapping the percentage of each country's population that were poor farmers. To do this, I made 1% of the countries population 2 mm of height. I found the models for each country online and found the base map in my house. Overall, the main challenge when printing this was the logistics, packaging as many countries into a single print as possible (I ended up with six prints), and marking each country to quickly figure out where to place it. They way I did this was I assigned each country a number based on their location when they were printed. The issue with this was smaller countries in areas such as the Balkans did not have much area to write on. Eventually, I decide to write on the sides, even if it showed in the final product. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the result especially given the limited timespan and amount of information I was working with (all countries without all model I could not find data on).

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