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Meeting with Prof. Genevera Allen

My second meeting at Rice was with Professor Genevera Allen. We mainly talked about the Rice Data to Knowledge (D2K) lab. The D2K lab is a program which gives students real world experience working on projects that will affect things outside of their academic career. The projects presented at the D2K showcase were very interesting, from tracking the poses and movements of athletes to analyzing unorganized legal documents. Almost all of the projects involved machine learning.

To step into machine learning and AI projects, Python will be a very useful tool. In Python, it is easy to execute machine learning tasks and allows people to test algorithms without implementation. Given how important machine learning is along with its recent developments, one thing that I can do more immediately is to learn Python. Given my experience with C++, I would assume the programming logic will be similar. I heard Python syntax is beginner friendly, so I hope learning Python will be relatively straightforward to me.

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